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Xenia, Ohio Mulch Delivery

Looking for mulch delivery to your home in Xenia? You came to the right place!

We partner with the highest quality, Xenia mulch suppliers to deliver the landscaping product you need to your home for free. The price of the product is the price you pay without any hidden fees. You can shop, schedule your order, and even reschedule your order all on our website. It's that simple!

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the minimum order quantity?

3 yards

What are the delivery lead times and costs?

Delivery lead times are variable depending on availability. Delivery cost is fixed at $40

How much product do I need?

How much product do I need?

Can samples be provided?

No. We believe samples do not accurately represent the scale of the product as a whole

What chemicals are in your products?

Many many chemicals

Did you know

If we covered the entire town of Xenia in mulch....

The mulch needed would weigh the same as 155,723 elephants

It could cover 6,326 football fields

It would cost $138,333,848 when purchased from the mulch mound

But of course the delivey is always free with Mulch Mound

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