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Spring is Here! Now What?

Two days from April and the sun is shining in Dayton, Ohio! With Spring upon us, so is your annual yard clean-up. Taking some time to get your property straightened up in the Spring can help you really enjoy the yard all year long. Here at the Mulch Mound, we created a simple list to help get you started.

1) Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Throughout the winter, trees and shrubs naturally get damaged by the elements. To promote healthy growth these damaged stems should be cut back, leaving only the live branches. Pruning these plants is comparable to receiving a haircut to promote healthy hair.  Some plant species have certain requirements, so be sure to check your individual situation to make sure you are properly caring for your plant life. 

2) Mulch Bed Prep

Mulch beds tend to collect unwanted leaves and other foliage that will need to be removed.  This foliage can be easily raked or blown out of the mulch.  If you have a vegetable garden, the leaves make great compost and can be repurposed.  No worries if not, you can also burn the leaves, throw them away, or use a local leaf pickup service. With the beds clear of foliage, you can now scrape away old mulch to make room for the new.  Most people tend to overlook edging prior to laying fresh mulch.  To create a crisp edge like the pros, simply take a spade or half-moon edger and cut 4-6” down to form a 90 degree edge between the mulch bed and the lawn. Edging prevents the new mulch from overflowing and changes the aesthetic ten-fold! Time for our favorite part… mulching! Adding new mulch to the beds will help with water retention, weed prevention, and adds amazing curb appeal.  Make sure not to overfill those beautiful edges!

3) Yard Maintenance

With the beds cleaned up and the trees ready, time to shift the focus to the yard. The first step is to take a walk around and pick up debris and fallen limbs throughout the yard.  While doing so, this gives you a chance to inspect for any dead patches, weeds, etc. that will need some extra care this season. To treat these areas, remove any weeds and dead grass, level the ground with a metal rake and add soil/compost. Be sure to check your local guidance on the best time to plant grass seed in these trouble spots. 

And just like that, your yard is ready for another season! If you have some extra time, you could always repair and/or paint the fence, power-wash exterior structures, and clean off the patio furniture for the family. Happy Spring from the Mulch Mound team!

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