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To Mulch or Not to Mulch

If you are reading this, you are most likely dreading the thought of laying mulch and are probably questioning whether you really need to freshen up the beds this year. Mulch Mound will always welcome your orders of course, but let’s go over the real reasons and try to help guide you to an informed decision.

Look Good, Feel Good

l When we look our best, we tend to feel our best. Although slightly different, mulching does maximize curb appeal and brings out the best in your home's exterior aesthetic. Whether you want to make your neighbors jealous, sell your home, or just come back from work to a gorgeous exterior, pull the trigger and mulch your flower beds this year!

Once A Year Makes The Weeds Disappear 

There are only a few outdoor chores that are more tedious than mulching and most of us would agree that weeding flower beds is one of them. Mulching isn’t a surefire way to prevent weeds but is proven to help suppress the germination and growth of these nuisances. A fresh layer of mulch is able to block any hidden seeds from receiving the proper sunlight needed to germinate. If a pesky weed or two does manage to germinate, fresh mulch has a chance to smother them and prevent growth.

Plant Perfection

Most garden beds contain plants that, unlike those pesky weeds, we would like to see flourish. Adding mulch each year keeps the beds healthy in many ways. Mulch helps retain moisture by providing a barrier from evaporation and preventing erosion. Without regular mulching, soil becomes too compact and water is less likely to be absorbed. This leads to soil/water runoff and therefore less healthy plants. As an added benefit, mulch also adds nutrients to the soil to promote strong plant growth.

So after all that, I think the answer is a little more straightforward… Here's a link to our product page, so you can place your next order with the Mulch Mound!

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